So.. you know how I said I was taking my life back? And I broke up with my fiancé, the father of my child. And he moved out. And things are going great? Well, I also decided I needed to move on from the TOXIC environment of work. My boss, who literally is a mental and emotional abuser to all the employees… who tells us we are worthless and idiots and still stay because we feel stuck. IM LEAVING. I gave him an ultimatum, I asked for a ridiculous raise and said if it couldn’t be met to show my worth, I was done. Well, he obviously said no. And I had my way out. 

Last week was pure hell. Frank was a grade A asshole. Friday we spoke and he tried to offer me a $2 raise which was grossly less than I asked for. And I said I would think about it over the weekend. Then, he started mocking an employee behind her back- who happens to be my friend. And that was the last straw. He will never grow up, it’s sad and ridiculous he is even some what successful when he can’t manage for shit and is a terrible human being. 

So come Monday, with him, on his best behavior, I delivered the news. I told him I was going to seek other employment. He seemed fine with it. Then, today, Tuesday- he starts yelling at me for no reason. And he was actually wrong. He was blaming me for a completely different employees computer being on. He yelled at me on stop for not having something completed and told me how time sensitive it was, but continued for 15 minutes. So finally I said, “FRANK! if you keep repeating over and over again about what you need, and not allow me to actually work on it, like I’m trying to right now, it WONT get done” and he backed off.

But guys, I’m dealing with his bull shit anymore. There has been SSOOOO much drama with him. So much negativity. And I’m done dealing with it. So without having another job lined up, Friday is my last day. I have money saved to support us so I’m not worried and I’m applying places. Hopefully I find something soon. It’s time for a change.

I promised 2017 would be a year of changes and a new me. And damn it, I’m completing all my challenges I set up for myself. Yay me.