In a different post, I had expressed wanting to live with more intention, well one of those goals was to be less on my phone. I vocalized this thought to a coworker, who in return said she doesn’t get on her phone much because she wastes time on it and can be more productive in other areas. I said, I felt like I was addicted and always turned to my phone when I was bored.

Well, lo and behold, this morning, I leave my phone at home.. and my first thought was  “oh shit!” and then I thought a little more about it, and said… ehh, what’s the big deal? I have an office, I have a phone there if there are any emergencies, I can still be reached by email if necessary at work. So all in all, today is going to be a very productive day. I can’t sit on my phone and scroll through Facebook or Instagram. I can’t text friends or my mom on checkups of my son. which, the check ups aren’t necessary, but nice to know what’s going on throughout the day. No big deal. So I got to work my normal time, about 10 minutes before needing to clock in, and instead of sitting in my car looking at Instagram, I came in to write a post. And now I will clock in and begin my work, because today is actually quite a busy day!

Update: I have looked for my phone 4 times, only to realize I didn’t’ have it. The first time resulted in panic, as I forgot I forgot my phone at home. And the other times, were me mindlessly reaching around to find it and then realizing I didn’t have it with me. Let’s just say this, for someone who is so attached to my phone, this day has actually been really nice not having it there. I am still not that productive today, I haven’t been able to focus all week, but I don’t have the distraction of my phone today, so maybe I will make more of an effort to leave it in the car or sooomething??