It faultered when I didn’t see the weight loss I was looking for. But, was I really doing all I could do to lose the weight? No. Was I really changing much of my lifestyle? No. So after asking my self a series of questions like those above, I came the conclusion that I can’t expect a change if I don’t make one.

So off I go on my next journey. I joined a gym. But not just signed up for a gym to then try to go after work and then fail, or just to go to do exercises I know- and stick mostly to cardio but never pushing myself.. NO! I signed up for personal training too. I signed up to be held accountable. I signed up so I get to meet with a personal trainer (not as often as I wanted- because hell it’s expensive!) but 2x a month and I get a custom workout plan to follow. Once a month I will be measured and the workout will be altered. I can log my food and have it tracked so the personal trainers can also watch what I’m eating to help refine it so I get the best results. This is a year long commitment, to build a healthy lifestyle. This is my opportunity to find myself, to be proud of myself, to LOVE myself. 

Now, all I need to do is adjust my work schedule and talk to my boss about needed extra time at lunch to get this done. To get healthy. Because my numbers are not good.

— a few days later—

I worked up the courage to ask my boss and told him exactly why I needed to take longer lunches a few days a week and how I would make it up. And what did he say? He said, “ya! Sure. What gym are you going to?” I told him and he was like “that’s cool, I know where you’re coming from not having time before or after work, so I am all for you fitting it in when you can.” And whaaaaat. I was literally dreading asking, not because he is a mean guy, but because I was asking for something that was kind of a luxury thing, like this isn’t part of work and I’m asking for extra time at least 3x a week to do this for myself, not to improve work. But I think in the long run, he knows that working out increases productivity and will make me an even better associate. So win win! I didn’t need to lose sleep over how to ask for the time that I’m making up anyway by staying 30 minutes later each day. 

I figured out I only needed about 30 minutes extra on lunch to make it to the gym, work out, shower and get back. It might, at times, be over, but I’m not too worried. I’m excited! And this gym isn’t busy during the times I go, so it’s even better, no feeling too self conscious trying to work out. I’m really excited for this journey. I can’t wait to see what I can do. I know it will be tough, and if any of you, dear readers, even if you may be few and far between, could give me motivation I would welcome it with open arms!