Hi all! So I don’t normally post this stuff, but I tried a face mask. In fact, it’s made by my very first best friend ever. We met at the playground when we were 4. And we were inseparable until 7th grade. And then we split and went our separate ways and made new friends. But we always kept in touch. And when we see each other we still pick up like nothing has changed.

For the past few years she’s been developing facial masks and cleansers. And she gave me  some samples. Well today, i had to take off the morning from work to take my son to the doctor, 2 year old check up… and I thought, “why the hell not do a facial mask rigimg_1265ht now?” But then I realized I don’t know how to put one on that is only powder. So I went to YouTube and watched about 10 seconds of a video and I was like “oh duh, just tap some in a bowl and add water, then mix it till it’s paste and apply.” Simple. But then I put too much water in and had to keep adding powder. And then I ended up with a ton of mask. So I applied to my neck as well.
It’s now drying… hardening.. and then I will be washing it off. It’s starting to get hard. My son is concerned that I’m Green. I’m trying to explain it’s all ok. This is kinda funny.