This was my first act of the New Year doing something for myself- the act itself, was buying the ticket… I have done other things for myself… well keep reading….

This past weekend I was honored to go to the first annual #girlbossrally. I was so excited to go, I took a three day weekend, I paid for everything… got the family to come up with me even though they were going to have to “find something to do in LA” while I was at this all day conference. However, I was so disappointed in the conference. Maybe I had high expectations and I was hoping with all my heart to meet like minded ladies who would want to connect and talk and exchange numbers and be FRIENDS! Well, I was quite saddened that I felt like a complete sore thumb and no one wanted to really talk.

Ok, not no-one. But… I think I talked to about 5 people. Every one else, wanted nothing to do with me. That kind of feeling just sucks, I thought something was wrong with how I dressed, or how I acted, or maybe I was putting off this “dork vibe.” Whatever it was, it was me, I was authentic. I thought I looked nice- however, I changed my outfit last minute and didn’t want to wear a tight dress. So maybe I didn’t look as put together as the other girls. But is that reason to ostracize someone? No, I don’t think so.

So, by the time it hit about noon, I was pretty down on myself and thought that I just wasn’t going to make it through the day. I resorted back to my high school train of thought where I just wanted to leave and not deal with these people and being judged. #emoteen < seriously though. Anyway.. I redirected my thoughts, put on a happy face and tried again and again to connect with people.

In the end, I exchanged information with two people. The talks didn’t move me that much, the food SUCKED. I am sorry, but I am not a rabbit, I need some damn meat. And eating vegan salads was not my cup of tea. Plus, who doesn’t eat dinner?  They literally served “breakfast” and “lunch” and then that was it. This conference ran from 7:30am to 9pm. What were they thinking?

The one up side, the swag bag was good. Fun stuff in there, definitely luxury items. I am excited, and maybe will even do some reviews on them?! So, I don’t mean to be a sour puss and complain about the whole thing, I just didn’t feel like I got my moneys worth. Oh well. Live and learn.