A minimalist direction:

“I have way too much crap.” Ever said that to yourself? Like, you’re just looking around and going, where the hell do I even start? Why would I keep this piece of paper balled up in the corner here? Why do I have this old mascara.. I remember I needed to keep it so I could remember the brand when I went to the store, but then I never threw away the old one. Or… hmmm I bet if I lost 10pounds those jeans would fit me again, but that was also 5 years ago and now that 10 pounds has turned to 15 pounds and you’re still hoping that maybe one day you will be able to fit into them…. ya, that sounds like me. So I’m dedicating myself to throwing shit out!

My plan of attack:

1. Attack my makeup- cuz there’s shit in there that’s old, hardly used, or is just out of style…

2. Attack my dresser drawers- this is where my clothes go to die. I only wear like 3 different pajama shirts and like two pairs of sweatpants… but during summer I have a few pairs of shorts to wear to bed.

3. Attack my shoes- cuz lord knows I don’t wear as many as I used to… so sell or give those away— some can be thrown away.

4. Attack the closet- there’s definitely things in there that I don’t wear regularly. 

5. Get rid of the paperwork that’s just taking up space. Along with the paperwork, I’m thinking possibly some books I bought years and years ago that I never read- those won’t be tossed, probably donated. 

6. The crap under the bathroom sink. Stuff just accumulates there. So let’s clean that out and here’s to hoping there are no spiders or roaches! Yuck!

7. I’m going into my sons room and I’m gonna start clearing house. He’s got old baby clothes he can’t fit into piled up in the corner. He’s got baby toys he never plays with. 

— hell, he may miss some of it, but he never plays with it!

8. My car! I used to keep it so nice and clean, but now… trash littering the floor, toys on the ground, snacks shoved in the door panels from my son… it’s got to stop! 

So here’s the one problem I face… well, two– I need the time to do this without my son hanging on me and I need to be able to part with my things.

Here’s what I’m hoping to achieve:

Get rid of the unnecessary crap in my life to limit the amount of chaos and stress from choosing things. And also, I can then decide what I have and what I need to complete my time capsul wardrobe. I’ve always been into fashion, but when I was younger I just went with the trends and bought cheap crap. Now that I’m older, I want to invest in timeless pieces. But there’s no sense in doing that until I get rid of the crap I don’t use! 

So if anyone would like to join me, I am going to challenge myself in the month of March to clean up shop. Maybe a little bit every day, maybe one thing each week. I gotta see. And hell, March might not even be the best month because it’s going to be super busy for us. 

Let me know if any of you would like to join me on this journey of, I guess a little spring cleaning?