Well, I started a pattern. I have failed to prepare myself and surely have failed to continue. I wasn’t as diligent with my preparation and haven’t taken my ACV and GC as planned. Has it affected anything? Honestly, not too sure yet. Have I experienced major weight loss. Nah. Could I have that possibility? Yah! Haha. So, I want to see that weight loss. I know a huge issue is not getting the rest I need as well as stress. I mean no magic pill is gonna work if the inner workings of your body is constantly under mountainous forms of stress. 

So. Relaxation, mediation, and yogatation. (Honestly, that just sounded like yoga needed to follow suite with the whole -tation)

I have poured my ingredients each into a little bottle that I can easily take around so I am not relying on mixing the concoction early in the morning while trying to rush to get ready. Once I am done with the cranberry juice, which is soon, I am going to try a new recipe. The ACV is almost done- I mean 2 weeks and one bottle down, also inconsistent in my portions. So, I gotta get that down to a science more.

I think my only like weird thing that i worry about is: 

A. Smelling like vinegar is coming from me

B. My breath smelling like vinegar

Now no one has said anything, but sometimes I’m just like “damn girl, you vinegary.”

Drawback to this experiment, but oh well.

So in my last post I stated I was feeling better and my face was slimmer it seemed. Those may all we well and true, but I definitely haven’t lost much of anything on this body. I went to try on clothes and to my horrified realization- I still feel like shit after I go shopping. MAN! I hate that feeling. I want to feel awesome, but it’s really hard when you can’t find clothes that look good on you.

So, working on not only my physical body, but mental state of mind- along with relaxation and de-stressing. I need to remember, along with you- whoever is reading this- that life is short. We just need to be in the present. None of us are promised a long life to see our kids grow up and get married or to finally go on that trip you’ve been waiting for and putting off just because you don’t look good ina bikini or those swim trunks. I mean seriously. Let’s just fucking enjoy life. Be as healthy as you can but enjoy! Live in the present! This is definitelty for another post, but I’ve been thinking about trying a minimalist challenge. Where I simplify and throw out a whole bunch of crap I don’t need! 

If any of you are interested in any topic i discussed- as this post was all over the place- please comment, let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear from you!


Momma J