Hello All!

So, I took a small break this weekend, I was sick, I was tired.. I needed rest. So, instead of downing my ACV with GC three times a day, I did it once in the morning on Saturday, and then I chilled, I watched what I ate.. had some wine, basically it was a normal day, minus the normal over eating that used to happen. Sunday, I didn’t have any ACV or GC… and I kind of missed it!

So, to recap the weekend, Saturday I surprised my partner with visiting his best friend we haven’t seen in almost a year- due to crazy schedules. And we got to hang out and drink wine (I drank wine, he drank beer) and we relaxed with old friends. Then, our son fell asleep early that night and we got to enjoy some quality “us” time.. where we watched Storks, because I got it so we could all watch it together- hence family movie time… but alas, it was just the parents enjoying a movie.. actually, I fell asleep and didn’t see the ending. *sigh…*

Then, Sunday… we went to the store, to get groceries, where our son had close to 5 meltdowns which resulted in us putting back the scooter we were planning on getting him as part of his birthday gift. You can’t reward bad behavior, even if it is due to him really needing a nap. (bad on us?) He is pretty spoiled, and I can’t handle that he gets almost everything he asks for.. so I told Jesse to put it back because I was not going to deal with that added stress of carrying to the car and then explaining he can’t ride his scooter because he was acting up.

Pretty uneventful weekend.

Day 7 (today):

Had my morning ACV with GC… a small egg burrito… ran out of time to drink my drink before lunch.. but drank it after.. still sippin on it. I definitely think it has curbed my appetite, or more just made me realize how much I ate when I wasn’t paying attention. Also, I feel better about myself, I kinda think my face  has slimmed down some, my hair is on point today, guys.. its normally a mess when I wake up. My clothes aren’t any looser, but I do feel in general, better about myself. So hey, that’s a plus!