So.. weirdly, my pallet was like wanting the juice concoction this morning. WEIRD, RIGHT? Let’s see.. this could be just my body getting rid of the ickies, as often times when someone is doing a cleanse they get “flu like symptoms” or so I have read. But, I swear I’m getting the flu. My head often times feels super airy, and like I will pass out. My stomach gets random cramps, my throat is killing me, I am sneezing like crazy. It’s lost of fun times over here. I want to blame it on the weather and being sick, but could it be my body dispelling the badness from me? I DON’T KNOW!

Today is not a day for productivity (at work). I have had two drinks (ACV with GC) and a third for the drive home so I can have it before dinner. The past three days, I was only taking it first thing in the morning and then before lunch. Today I made three servings. I honestly, can’t tell the difference at all, maybe it’s too soon. But I am seriously hoping for some magic. Along with that, I am going to start some yoga routines and also get this diastis recti under control. Have you ever looked in the mirror, and you aren’t appalled by your body? Well, that happens to me (even now) but then there are times, like when I go shopping at my favorite store, Marshalls.. and I SWEAR TO GOD they have the worst mirrors and lighting EVER. I look at myself in the mirror and get major depression, like “damn, I am walking around looking like THAT!?”

that feeling^^ SUUUUUUCKS. I don’t like it. I know I am beautiful. I know I am loved. I know I am an awesome person. And, I just found out I actually can be intimidating. I had a talk with my partner last night about how one of the girls at work (who’s new) is intimidated by me) and he’s like “hell ya you’re intimidating, you can be very intimidating.. but that’s also what is sexy about you.” Damn it, I blushed like crazy.. because first off he should be intimidated by me (my partner) and secondly, why thank you  very much for saying that’s a sexy quality. But ya, I do try to intimidate my partner at times, when I need something done and done the right way, or I need to make some noise about something, I am putting on my big girl panties. I don’t know if in my previous post, my pictures did justice to how short I am. But think of it like this, I am 5’1, barely pushing 5’2 (on a good day)… I am Asian.. often mistaken for Mexican, and I have a dead stare- and I can either be super sweet and nice, or the biggest bitch on the block. That’s just how I am. And when I was younger, I was almost always the biggest bitch on the block with an attitude to match, and my hair shaved into a lovely Mohawk. Yes, I was a wannabe punk-emo kid. I loved it.