Day 3:

I actually measured the ingredients this time, the other days I was just kind of eyeing it, and the only difference it made was that I actually was putting in too much ACV. Interesting right? So, its not as strong.

Here are my pictures.. insert eyes being covered because I am embarrassed. I have diastis recti from my pregnancy, and I haven’t been diligent in the workouts to correct it. I try, but I feel like they don’t do anything! I guess we can chalk it up to millennials wanting things right now and not waiting for the results. hah! (don’t mind the mess, I took these super quickly this morning.. no lighting effects or sucking in- you just get what you get) Let’s see if there is any slight change of anything that happens!

— I kind of want to write a little disclaimer—- because guys, as unhappy as I am with the way I have treated my body, I still love it. It is so strong and amazing. It produced the most amazing child ever. I carried him full term and my body has allowed me to breast feed and nourish him … STILL! (ya ya, two years later and I’m still nursing) I know amazing, shocking- as my “mother-in-law” would say “oh my gosh, you’re like a cow” because I am still producing milk.. um, super side eye stare going on there, I was quite peeved when she said that to me. Anyway, I want to change my outlook on my body for health reasons as well as to be happy with what I see in the mirror. Is that too much to ask?