Guys, I’ve neglected writing. I miss it so much. I’m so exhausted. So tired. My partner lost his job a few months ago and I’m trying to hold it all together; physically, mentally and emotionally 

So, the last few months, I got a promotion and a small raise, I realized I am depressed and I need a counselor… which means $ that isn’t really coming into the house right now. But that’s beside the point..

I have burned the candle at both ends…. let’s just say. And it’s been almost 2 years and I haven’t been able to trip. Not just any trip. But a trip where I get to go to a nice hotel and sleep. I just want sleep. 

So this is what I would have written on my page:

Can anyone else feel my pain when I say I need some damn sleep. I need a big bed with no one else and able to lay in bed all day doing nothing? Drink wine if I want to, not have to clean up after yourself and just basically bumming it all day? 

Look, I’m a mom. And I do a lot. My son is 2. He’s obsessed with trash trucks. He’s the most loving and kindest nugget ever. But he can sometimes be a little asshole. 

Which is why I need a night or two away. I’ve never had a night away. NEVER! and I think it’s time. I need to relax, I need sleep! I haven’t had a full nights sleep since before pregnancy! That’s almost been 3 years! Mind blown.

So this is why I need this go fund me page to help me out! If you are feeling nice and generous, feel free to send over a buck or two. 


That’s what I would have said. I can’t remember what I did say. But hey, it’s legit what I need in life right now. I’m a ghost of myself right now. Sleep would do me good. And mimosas… or wine… or just sleep. 
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