It doesn’t happen very often that I am granted a day to myself. I’m a hard working, OCD, ADD, perfectionist mom… Let be honest, I love plans, organization and structured out days. I can’t help it, it puts me at ease. BUT, when the day comes that I get to go out on my own and not have to plan snack time or lunch time or nap time, you better believe I DO NOT have any set plans for myself. And today, my lovelies… I let LOOSE! I listened to music at the loudest level, the windows were all the way down, wind in my hair; I was singing to the music without a care! It was beautiful and amazing. What attributed to this attitude? This reversion of going back to my youth? Aside from time to myself, the movie Bad Moms has had a huge impact on me. 

I saw it less than 2 hours ago and it spoke to me, to my core! All us moms put so much stress on ourselves to keep the family together, make sure everyone is eating healthy and learning and not wasting time watching tv. We are constantly on the move. And constantly judging other moms on their views or how they do things. But damn it! What I took from that movie is that:

1. Even if they look perfect and so put together, they aren’t. There’s something else going on behind the closed doors.

2. Moms need to chill the fuck out! You don’t have to everything organized all crazy Pinterest like.

3. Stop judging

4. Everyone is new to this mothering thing, no one knows what the fuck they are doing.

Pros to mommas day out 

– got to be myself today- no scheduling around nap time and snack time 

– music blasting.. And it could be as inappropriate as I wanted 

-singing, cursing, flipping people off (just my friend as she came driving in to the target parking lot!)  Making crude jokes and laughing like crazy. It was amazing!

I recommend Bad Moms and momma’s day off on a regular basis… No not like every week, well if you could that would be great. For us, it happens every couple months, and in a way it makes for that day to be even better.