I’ve been trying to make my own website. But it lost its spark, lost its fun. Maybe I’ve lost a little of myself as well. Work has gotten crazier. I’m taking on more that I can handle. Personal life is going down the drain. Things aren’t looking up right now. I’m looking into counseling, trying to figure out how to get out of my slump. 

What isn’t in a slump? My son! He is growing and getting bigger and bigger by the day. His personality is amazing and beautiful and I can’t get enough of it. He can say hi and bye and nose and eye (while pointing them out) he can say belly button while pointing to his or my belly button. He can use baby sign language for please, water, all done, food and more and almost thank you. 

He climbs up on everything and falls down and scrapes up his knees. He is so tan and his hair is getting so light. He looks like an island boy. He now has 16 teeth and often times has terrible morning breath. He gives the biggest hugs and kisses. He does his ninja run which is him sprinting across the house to a certain point while babbling away. 

He now dances and sings to his favorite music, Soja… As well as Thomas the tank engine and Chuggington. He claps away and does little squats and walks around dancing happily. 

even though I was not ready for a child, I’m so happy I have him. He makes everything worth while and has me looking for ways to better myself so I can be a positive role model for him. 

When they say a baby changes your life, you never really know how they change it until you have one yourself.

~~learning to love unconditionally~~