How many times do I say “i love you” to my son? Probably close to 10-15 times a day. 

How many times do I say “i love you” to my partner? Probably 3-5 (maybe more)times a day.

How many times do I say “i love you” to myself? Never.

I want to change that. Because I am a strong, beautiful, awesome person. I wake up every morning, sometimes groggy and exhausted, sometimes full of energy, but no matter what I greet my son with a smile, kiss and snuggles and get us ready for the day. I drive 30 minutes to my parents to have breakfast and leave for work, which is another 15-25 minutes depending on traffic. I work my butt off, constantly and consistently. Often times working through my lunch and then when I get off I drive back to my parents and play with my son for a bit outside and we head back home. Make or buy dinner and eat, clean up, play some more… Then come showers/baths and playtime and bedtime. Sometimes I get to go to the gym, and have some me time. I strive to be a good role model for my son and make time for everyone. So, why don’t I say I love you to myself more often? 

I don’t get to focus much on myself. Sometimes I get down on myself. Sometimes I am angry and/or depressed. These are the times I need to show myself some love. Sometimes all it takes is some reassurance and a hug. 

Basically, what I would like you, dear readers, to take out of this is… YOU are strong. YOU deserve love. YOU are beautiful. YOU need to love yourself.