1. Long, luxurious showers… now they are short showers, usually enough time to wash my hair and body and possibly shave the pits! hah! And even these don’t happen every day! (ewwwww, Dry Shampoo is a life saver!)
  2. The option to workout whenever I want
  3. Go to the bathroom alone, I don’t close the door all the way because then there is a screaming crying baby on the other side wanting to get in, so I normally leave it cracked and then he just comes in and smiles and says hi and starts playing with the shampoo bottle.. I know eventually he is going to get that shampoo bottle open and in his mouth and it will get everywhere.. I can’t wait to write that post!
  4. Go shopping for myself, by myself! That doesn’t happen all too often… probably for the best, since most of our money goes to baby stuff, food and gas.
  5. Drinking to get drunk, rather I can have a beer every once in a while, but my goal is not to get drunk, because I know that the next day I will paying for it and karma will come back to me in the form of a super irritable toddler.
  6. Hanging out with friends constantly; sure I miss hanging out with my friends and doing nothing, but now ehhh… there isn’t time to just hang out with other people when I have a little one tugging on my pants/shirt/hair/hand … really anything he can get his hands on!
  7. Texting or phone calls after 8 pm… sorry guys, but if you text me or call me after 8 pm, be prepared to leave a voicemail or not to get a response till the next day. I’m already ready for bed, or trying to get the last bit of energy out of the little one so we can lay down and sleep and there is no time for screen time.
  8. Staying up late…. no more of that! We have to wake up early, or as early as the nugget wakes up.. sometimes I can get him to sleep in, and this last weekend I successfully had him sleep in till 8 am! It was amazing, but with not being able to sleep in, there is no way I am staying up late! And for me, sleeping during the day is nearly impossible, so I can’t count on getting a nap in.
  9. Putting on makeup… this doesn’t happen often, and the only reason I wish I could put on makeup is to cover up these hideous dark circles and bags under my eyes!! I am constantly looking up ways to cover them up, but they all have to do with makeup, which leads to money which leads to time to buy this and time to apply this on the right way. (I don’t have that kind of time!)
  10. Getting dressed up and staying clean- because for some reason, when I try to dress up and look nice, I always spill something or get something spilled on me or something terrible goes wrong.

Do I miss these things? Sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love that I chose to start a family, and even though my friends without kids don’t understand why I can’t go out at night, they think I am tethered to my nugget, they don’t realize that I live for the nightly snuggles and the swift kicks to the stomach/face/head/throat every so often. Sure, I have my complaints here and there, like “will I ever get rid of these bags and dark circles that have permanently resided on my face for the past year go away?” or “can I ever be the hot mom (that is like the goal of all society)?” I shrug, I will try to stay healthy, if not for me, as a role model for my son.

Anything you guys miss/don’t get to do since entering into parenthood?

****Side note: why does my uterus twitch every time I see a little baby, like I can’t help it, it is screaming for another kid. I had such a great pregnancy.. but we can’t handle another one right now. It’s not in the cards for us… but damn my silly uterus! It’s screaming!