So, I guess I need to remember that I have a toddler now. And that doesn’t just mean that he is walking around and investigating everything, it’s that he is feeling all kinds of new emotions. I forgot about this huge milestone. The fact, that I may get super frustrated and upset with his behavior, I need to calm down myself and realize he is feeling all these new things too, and doesn’t know how to act. So, that is where momma and daddy come in to play, we need to teach him how to process those feelings.

This came to me from my partner, and I call him my partner because we are more than just our son’s mom and dad, we are more than just boyfriend/girlfriend.. technically engaged souls.. we are partners in this. And we lean on each other for help when we need it most. We try to rush to each others sides when one is pulling out our hair and cowering in a corner (like I was yesterday). Sometimes, we just need a big hug and a kiss. We are partners in this, and always will be. He let me know that our nugget is changing, and sometimes things will get hard, but we need to take it in stride and also remember that these small moments when we are frustrated are far and few in between; and by next year or even next week, these things will be trivial. The years will pass us by and we can’t focus on the bad things, we need to focus on the good memories, the milestones we are hopping over and the laughs and giggles.

So, parents or soon to be parents, or even grandparents… at times these nuggets will test your patience, they will test your anger and your ability to cope… just realize that they are learning, and the way you react to their testing will determine how they react the rest of their lives. Talk about PRESSURE! Anyway, all I can say is.. some naps and a good night sleep along with food do wonders for toddlers and mommas alike. But when we are running on no sleep and our tummy’s are empty, tempers will run high. Remember, these moments only last a short time, the memories we make will last a lifetime.

Hide in a corner and take some deep breaths, call your partner to have them come home from work if need be and give you some time to yourself. Luckily, yesterday, I had my partner come home and even though he was superbly exhausted from a long day of work, he got on the floor with our son, played with blocks and let me kick my feet up and watch as they giggled and laughed. It was all I needed, plus food and at the end of the night we shared a beer. And that is what I will remember, not the hard times where I wanted to throw him in the lion’s den because he was screaming bloody murder for me changing his diaper (I never would, of course).