You know how some days your kids are just Angels and you are like “wow I could totally do this forever, you’re so awesome. I freaking love you.” And then there are those days where you are like “OMG! Stop it! Please just walk, my arms are falling off! Stop crying, stop screaming bloody murder! I’m done! I can’t do this!” Or maybe “dude, I’m about to feed you to the lions if you don’t quit!” I mean, that last line only happened because we were out at the wild animal park. And it was absolute hell. You name it, it happened. There were some good parts and giggles, must for the most part, it was a living hell hole. I took the day off because I was too exhausted from waking up every hour of the night the night before and thought I would just sleep.  well that didn’t happen, I couldn’t sleep for the life of me and so I decided to take the nugget and my mom out to the wild animal park. HUGE MISTAKE. The biggest mistake ever. Not only was he grouchy, but I was grouchy. Not only was I feeling like shit, I looked like shit. Today did not go as planned. Currently he is sleeping in his seat as grandma drives us home and all I can hope for is that he stays asleep and doesn’t wake up for two hours. He really needs to stay the f*uck asleep. Please. Nap God, if there is such a thing, keep him asleep so he can  wake up happy.  

There we are on the tram ride, where he was somewhat behaved. Reaching for food. Maybe the little guy is going through a growth spurt? I know he is teething like crazy. Three teeth just popped out within the last week. But hot damn, can I get some mercy over here!?