My toddler was hell. We went out to breakfast, me thinking it was a grand idea to go to ihop, just us, and enjoy some coffee and eggs and sausage… What I didn’t count on was: my nugget not wanting to sit in his highchair, my nugget being cranky and teething and the fact that people stared while we were chatting back and forth and he was a little cranks over not being able to run around the restaurant. I let him out of his seat, thinking he can just sit on my lap till the food comes and then we can sit down and share eggs and waffle and have a good ol’ fun time. WRONG! He screamed at me for putting him back in his chair. He threw his coloring sheet on the ground. He spit out his eggs that had a little ketchup on them on his clean white shirt. (Of course, I shouldn’t have put him in a white shirt… That was just asking for trouble. Why is white clothing even made for kids!?) I gulped down three sips of coffee, tried to eat my egg and hash browns as best I  could, all while holding a little thrashing toddler trying to get down so he could run around in the crowds. People stared, I felt slightly judged. I brushed it off my shoulder and just wished someone would ask if they could help so I could eat a couple more bites of my ridiculously expensive breakfast. By the end of it all, I had a 3/8ths of my breakfast, flagged the server down and paid my tab. We were out and running around the lot. Collecting rocks and climbing into flower beds. Being taught that we can’t climb into flower beds because it hurts the flowers and then off to drive around. Then nap time. Basically, if I focused all my energy on the fact that breakfast didn’t go as planned, we wouldn’t have been able to accept the fact that sitting for that long at that time was just not the right thing to do. Normally my little man is great eating, but that morning wasn’t the case. And it’s ok. If you ask me if I would do it again… I would, I just gotta pick a better day. Yesterday wasn’t the day to stay contained.