Without sounding like a diary entry. This perfectly sums up my feelings right now. I need millions and millions of piñatas!

Also, why is it that the first 4 days of “sleep training” go great and then the 5th and 6th night my little man all of a sudden starts to get so incredibly angry when I set him down that he tries to throw up? And he is so hot and sweaty…(please know he is in his room for all of like 15 minutes and this isn’t hours in.)And soothing him inside the crib doesn’t work… I  have to take him out of the crib and rock him and then finally he calms down… But he legit is like hacking and on the verge of throwing up! He has never done this before! What gives!? I’m off to consult the Internet. Any other mommas or poppas deal with this?? 
I could totally use some advice! This is just out of hand… I still nurse him, he still feeds at night (I know he isn’t supposed to and he should be “just fine” without momma milk, but i can’t deal with the crying late at night) , he has NEVER slept through the night. I’m a walking zombie. I haven’t gotten a full night sleep in over a year. IM F*CKING EXHAUSTED! I’m crying. I can’t handle this much longer! HEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!