First, biiiiig stretches! And yawns lead to little farts and giggles. Then we jump out of bed and run into the other room, possibly waking up daddy or if he’s awake before us he runs into our room and jumps on the bed. More Morning laughs and giggles usually proceed. Then we get out of bed and yell and throw toys across the room, because, hey, we can and it isn’t in anger. I’m sure our neighbors absolutely adore the shenanigans. (Sorry guys) Once things happen because of anger we are taken aside and told that is not okay and we need to take a deep breath and calm down. But usually it’s all fun and games. And if you throw enough toys around, we have a huge maze to get through just to get to the other side of the room. Great fun! Running around the kitchen from tile to wood flooring to carpet is always a favorite as well as hiding in one of the rooms till momma or daddy come and find you. Mornings proceed with breakfast, walks, play time and then naps. 

I love my little dinosaur… Day light savings has effected everyone but him it seems. Of course in the morning it was incredibly cute seeing him fight waking up.