I’m sure everyone out there is suffering from exhaustion. But can I have a moment in the spotlight and complain a little? 

It’s been over a year and I still haven’t had a full night of sleep. I stopped taking naps with my son. HUGE SAD FACE. Because I am working full time. And then you would think when I do sleep I would be a super heavy sleeper. But ooooh nooooo! I wake up if I hear any little sound or a light turns on. I often wake up 30 minutes before I’m supposed to and toss and turn. 

I know it will end soon, but I’m starting to look like a zombie. My eyes have permanent bags and they are black. I can’t cover them up with makeup and you will almost always catch me in a yawn. I drink coffee like I breathe air. And even when I have the chance to lay down for a nap, my mind is going a million miles per hour and I can’t sleep. 

So, you know how celebrities go into the hospital or some rehab or something for extreme exhaustion? Can I do something like that? Can someone pay the bills for that and then also make sure i still get an income so I can just relax and become human again? 

Thanks. The end. Turn off the spotlight.