So… It went well. The stroller preformed. But who wants to hear how the day actually went? It was crazy. So first off, we woke up around 7am (yay! That’s sleeping in) then we played and had breakfast. Eventually we got out of the house and decided to go to the library for story time. The library nearest us, doesn’t provide story time during the weekends so we had to travel 30 minutes to another one. All fine and dandy, I love this library, I grew up with it! But the nugget had a totally different idea of what he wanted to do. And he did it. First we sit in a circle for story time. Meet a little girl who was a few months older than him, she’s walking and being all cute. Little man over here though decides to start roaring like a dinosaur and crawl in circles on the ground. A different little girl, around 4 or 5, started shushing him. Keep in mind, my little guy is 11 months old and was just trying to have fun. He didn’t understand. I kept telling him it was quiet time and we needed to listen to the story. Whelp, that backfired. Instead he started roaring louder, got the girl who was just a few months older to get on the ground and start crawling in circles and roar with him. 

Yep, my kid is the one that starts something in class and gets the other kids to follow suit. *sigh* 

I removed him from story time and we went outside to get out some energy. After some time I decided “hey let’s try this again!” As soon as we neared the circle, he started howling. 

This was just not working out. 

This is just the beginning of the day. Not even noon yet. 

Left library. Went to park and had a little lunch. Played and played and went to grandma and grandpas for a little bit. 

Then finally, NAP TIME! 

Then hiking with the stroller. But he didn’t want to sit in the stroller, he wanted to be held. He wanted to play. anything but sit in the stroller. And that was my day. We went on a short hike then gave up and went to the park and he got to play with pine cones and rocks.  

(The start of the day)