Oh jogging stroller, my reasons for wanting you have nothing to do with running or jogging. More so, I like your tires because they allow me to walk on the beach in loose sand and go on hikes. Oh yes, that’s why i want you. Maybe I will even eventually work my way up to running, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’ve never been a long distance runner… Why would I start now? Maybe because I want to feel more comfortable in my skin. Sure, I’m a little pudgy, I was pudgy before pregnancy too. But I want to be fit, I’ve always wanted to be fit, more so than fit, I’ve wanted to feel comfortable with myself. I want to exude confidence. Also, exercise totally gets those endorphins pumping and makes you happy. My goal this year is to be happy, to do things for myself, as well as for my family. But I know in order to make sure I am happy, I need to take care of myself. 

So dear jogging stroller…. First I started with a LARGE Bob stroller, it was so big, I couldn’t fit it in my car, I can’t lift you up to tie you on my racks on top of my car. So I must rid of you. Not only can I not fit you in the car to go places, I DONT KNOW HOW TO OPEN AND CLOSE YOU WITHOUT BEING NEAR TEARS! So I rid of you! Be gone!

Insert, new jogging stroller. But you new jogging strollers are so damn expensive! Who has hundreds of dollars to waste on a stroller? Not I. So I turned to Craigslist and I became obsessed with finding something. Some people were lame and couldn’t get back to me, and I just regarded it as it wasn’t meant to be. But then! I found it! It’s a jeep jogging stroller, specifics unknown. But for $30, it was steal! Not to mention it fits in my car, not too heavy, has awesome storage, has an MP3 player and speaker in it, cup holders galore, the shade for the nugget is awesome and the lady kept on a little toy steering wheel for him to play with too. GLORIOUS FIND! I’m so excited to try it out tomorrow on my hike!  

Quick pic of my little guy, a cat I rescued names Boo and you can see the steering wheel toy too. 

This purchase has made me quite happy and I’m excited to start this new journey! I’ll let you know how it handles after the hike. Hoping it does well! Reviews didn’t disappoint, so fingers crossed.