The little nugget has gone down slides before, but not all by himself. Normally we guide him down or hold his hand down… I don’t know if you’ve heard, but apparently you aren’t supposed to have the child on your lap while sliding down a slide because their legs could get caught on the slide and then you break their leg with your force of moving down a slide and their little leg getting caught and then BAM, broken! 

So ever since I read a story like that on good ol’ Facebook, I’ve been terrified of breaking my kids leg so I never did it that way, well once, and then I got scared and didn’t do it because that would suck being the cause of your child’s broken leg. 

Here’s a little clip of my adventuring dare devil! The first take, he decided to slide down on his tummy backward. He watched a 4 year old girl do it and decided he wanted to too. Lol. Next we got him to sit the right way.  

He turned 11 months old yesterday! What a joy he is. He was also extremely concentrated on the ocean and the waves rolling in.