No, not my sons hair. That shiiiit is gonna grow out! Instead, I am talking about myself. My hair has been long for so long, I was getting tired and bored of it. I needed a change and to start new and fresh, especially since the new year just started. So…I chopped off a good 11-12 inches of hair. And how do I feel about it? EFFING FANTASTIC! Like great! Superb! Better than ever! Like a whole new person! 

I feel relief and peace and like myself. I feel good that for once(since having my little nugget) I put myself first and treated myself to something nice. I lost my way, and I know most parents do, you put your little one before yourself and just forget to take care of yourself. That leads down a dangerous path. And I was headed down there, so I put a stop to it! And damn, do I feel great!

Introducing the new me! 

Hello short hair beautiful momma!