What a great Christmas we had! First off, the best gift of all (besides my family), WE GOT TO SLEEP IN TILL ALMOST 7:30am!! That was amazing haha! Then we had grand pop pop over for breakfast and presents. 

Bubba got to open his Thomas the train scooter, as well as a learning center play area and new clothes and pajamas. We kept it pretty simple and low key. After presents and playing, we were all tuckered out and laid down for a nap, which we then overslept and got a late start to leaving for my parents house. 

Finally arrived and gave out hugs and talked, had an early delicious dinner! (Wish we got to take home left overs!) and then opened presents. The best gift was the “toothless” dragon with the story attached to his belly of “how to train your dragon” bubba was ecstatic about it and hugged it so tight. 


Bubba dressed as jack skellington on his Thomas the tank engine scooter   
   Bubba with toothless