The update to Part 1…. When the nugget and I got home dad was lowering the crib. We sat inside of it and played and talked and I even fed him (milk not food food) in there. (Yes, I’m petite and can lay down in the crib-a little cramped, not much- and be with my son) but as I was laying down and the mattress was lowered completely, I noticed that the crib is a little bit of a scary place. There are bars goings up and if you can’t climb over the rails, it’s scary looking! So I completely understand him being scared and not understanding being put in his crib all alone. 

So here it went last night: 

We set him in his crib with his night time music and sat outside of the crib talking to him. He soon realized he was expected to sleep inside the crib all alone and not on the bed like he normally does. He started crying, reaching out through the rails to hold our hands, putting his face up to the rails to be closer to us and crying even harder. He hugged his koala bear (Ollie) and cried. This lasted for a few minutes. It was unbearable, I caved and brought him out. We continued with our old routine of co-sleeping. 

I need to do research on how to stop co-sleeping and get baby to sleep in crib. Don’t get me wrong, I love sleeping next to my son… But I want him to also be independent and able to fall asleep on his own. Am I rushing him into growing up? Should I just let nature take its course? I know that eventually he won’t want to sleep with his momma, so why rush it? Am I bending to society or just trying to get more sleep myself? Maybe a little of everything… Off to do research on ways I can get my nugget to sleep on his own. EVEN if he could just sleep through the night next to me that would be FANTASTIC!