Background story:

Currently I co-sleep with my son and feed him throughout the night. He sleep crawls, as I like to call it, he is half awake and crawls in circles like a dog looking for a comfortable spot to lay in. I stick the binky back in his mouth and he finds a comfortable position and sleeps. Usually this position is either laying his head on my stomach or feet on me. He is always touching me. Anyway, it’s come to a point where I feel I need to get him to sleep alone and through the night. 

I’ve been doing some research and I don’t feel comfortable with the cry it out method, or even a partial cry it out method, but I haven’t found a way that doesn’t involve some crying (realistically). 

Step One: lower crib so that he can’t get out of crib

Step Two: attempt to show little boy that the crib is for sleeping again 

Step Three: get little boy to sleep in crib

Step Four: figure out how he can get his gosh darn binky in his own mouth

Step Five: sleep through the night! 

Step Six (this should occur before all else probably): establish a bedtime routine


Today we will begin by lowering the crib and introducing little boy to the world of SLEEPING in crib again! Yes, he used to sleep in his crib but since he wakes up multiple times at night I would bring him in to bed and feed him and we would just fall asleep. So, I started just sticking him the bed to fall asleep and that terrible habit happened. 


We have established a bedtime routine, full of playing guitar and listening to music, eating dinner, taking a bath, some more playing with toys and then laying down and listening to bedtime music. This usually gets him to bed by 8, and asleep by 8:30. Oh and I forgot to mention, yes… I do nurse him to sleep. That part needs to be cut off so he can be put in his crib.