Little boy has been crawling… I can’t even write a post anymore because I am chasing him around, making sure he isn’t putting dirty shoes in his mouth! He started crawling the day before he turned 8 months old! (Which is now close to 2 weeks ago!) The Cheerios were his incentive. Now, we are slowly but surely baby proofing and getting on our A game. 

Funny thing is, you would think all his crawling and moving around would leave him exhausted and tired  and collapsing into bed by the end of the day. But he FIGHTS it sooooo hard, it’s even more exhausting to me and his dad! As soon as 7pm hits, he starts crying and fussing and rubbing his eyes but he won’t sit still or go down for sleep. It’s getting to the point where I am going CRAZY! ūüôÉespecially since he ONLY wants me, and my partner can’t help! 

I know babies can be overwhelmed and underwhelmed, I am trying my best to make sure he has a full day and is learning and playing, but he is also getting naps and rest. So I don’t know if this is a long term phase (good god I hope not!!) or if I can count on this being a short term phase. Did I mention this crying and refusal to go to sleep lasts for over 2 hours?! Last night, we resorted to baby Tylenol thinking it was his teeth hurting and bugging him so much. He did go to sleep earlier and it did help, but does any one have any suggestions we could do so we aren’t using Tylenol every night?

Please, if anyone knows some tricks or has some kind words, leave them in the comments.

Thank you! 

-a very very overly tired, coffee doesn’t help anymore momma