I quit my restaurant job, and I am incredibly sad over it. My last night was this past Saturday, I only worked two nights a week, but these guys, they are my FRIENDS. They were my support squad while I was pregnant, I could turn to ANY ONE OF THEM and reach out and cry on their shoulder if I needed to cry, or turn to any of them and ask them to get me whatever I was craving most. They were without a doubt my second family, and I left them. I don’t know if I can ever find a place where I clicked with every one, where every one there was so precious and so understanding. Looking back on all my experiences with them, I am heart broken that I chose to leave. My reasons are valid, it is to spend more time with family and my son, but I am just feeling a little empty inside. And now I must face the harsh reality that I need either a full time job or a second part time job. And frankly, I can’t/really really don’t want to do a full time job and be away from my little man for 8 hours a day. I would cry my eyes out and be miserable. And that is not something I am going to do. If only this damn blog could make me money.. I know there are ways, but can I dedicate my life to it? Questions, questions… where are my answers?

Time to look for a part time job that can give me at least 20 hours a week at a decent pay… I’ll miss you restaurant family.