I just don’t have time to…

Finish my coffee before it gets cold.

Shop for clothes for myself, and I really need some new socks without holes in them!

Shower every day, or even every other day.

Read a book I have been dying to read.

Watch a movie in a movie theater I have been lusting over.

Clean off the dried food on my knees as my little one likes to give me wet food kisses.

Clean my car that is turning in to a sandy beach.

Write a post every week!

Get dressed like a real human being and not just decide I will change the top or bottom half of my clothes

Brush my hair

Put on deodorant every day!

Do the dishes

Catch up on sleep

Make new momma friends and keep up a relationship.

Make Halloween costumes for everyone.

Call back every missed call

Watch the new tv series if it’s after 8pm.

Actually enjoy dinner out, when we do go out.. hah which is once every few months.