The little nugget is not yet crawling, but he sooooo wants to. He has been scooting around on his bum, and slithering on his stomach towards things. Although, yesterday he did manage to crawl/scoot/slither backwards on his tummy and then miraculously got to his bum and was sitting. It was a huge feat! The little nugget is a BIG boy, and by big, I mean, he is one chubby monster. I just weighed him earlier today and he is 21.4 lbs/ 9.7kg! Yikes! So anyways, as I have recently found out from other friends who have children and people I have met at parks, all their kids hated tummy time, just like mine! I thought I was the only one, because the doctor said “He probably doesn’t like tummy time because he is bigger and can’t support himself well.” He definitely can support himself, its just he hates being on his tummy. hah! Well, here is to a little bit longer of a baby standing “still”.. he can only slither so far, I know my days are limited and he will soon be moving around everywhere. My worst fear is his extreme curiosity and wanting to be in HIGH HIGH HIGH places and looking down.. can we say “here comes a climber, and a jumper and a dare devil?!”