So, I really thought it was fool proof and I could put some paint on paper, or in this instance canvas, and then wrap it in seran wrap and have the little guy paint without getting paint everywhere. Boy, was I wrong.

 First off, I didn’t put enough paint so it couldn’t really spread. 

Second off, and this is my biggest mistake… I walked away to get more paint and left my seven month old with the project. He somehow got through the layers of seran wrap and painted himself with paint. In about 13 seconds I had a smurf. Paint on his nose, cheeks, belly, hands, arms and legs and he had the biggest smile on his face. It was adorable. 

So, thinking that he enjoyed having paint on him; I decided to paint his hands green to try to make a tree on a canvas and have his hands be the leaves. He turned out to hate this idea and screamed. Leaving me to scoop him up and get paint all over me and my clothes. 

So, all in all, my Pinterest craft I chose just didn’t quite work… There needs to be some tweaks to our approach, but I think we will try again at a later time. 

Here is my little guy with grandma. 

Here is his picture… 😊