You know that face your child makes when they gotta go poop? That adorable face that shows them concentrating so hard and pushing with all their might? And then… Suddenly you realize, they are having a hard time and they let out a yell, a warrior yell telling their poop “hey poop! It’s time to come out!” And their face becomes red and they reach out to you for support, so you grab on to their little hands and pull them in for a hug and start cheering them on! And then when the poop finally comes a big goofy smile overshadows their face and they feel accomplished and spent and could almost go back to sleep. 

Or that face after they wake up from a long nap, and they are so happy and yet still so sleepy. You just want to scoop them up and cherish their goofy little smile and breathe them in. Their eyes still sleepy and adjusting to the daylight, their mouth in a slight smile as they gaze up at you. Oh, I love that face. 

Or the face when they see you eating “real” food and they want some too. So you bring out their food and give them some and they are so happy and content because they are eating with you. 

Or that face when they hear you cheering them on because they are doing something new, like pulling themselves up to stand all on their own. Their face is full of pride and they have the biggest smile pasted on their face. 

I love these faces, what faces do you like seeing on your child?