I believe dealing with your problems in a respectable manner is the way to go. Although, there are times when you throw your hair in a pony tail and put up your fists. (Metaphorically) I use my words to get my point across. I find if I am able to write things down, it goes smoother. 

The past two weeks have been hell for me and my fiancé. We got a new truck, long story, I am on the paperwork due to certain circumstances and even though it is technically my fiancés truck I had to deal with the problems with the dealership. Unfortunately the dealership’s repair/mechanic “manager” was the epitome of doucheness.

Without going too much in to detail, I had to intervene through email (which at the time was not helping get our point across on safety issues, but turned out to be the best way of doing things). This guy, let’s call him Terry, because that is his name and he deserves a little slander on his name, but I will leave out his last name. This Terry character came off as a “nice” guy and made me think that my hot head partner was just that, a hot head who was overreacting. But that was so not the case, as the emails kept going back and forth, the real Terry came out. And the real Terry is a bully, rude, condescending and someone who is fighting for power. 

Before things got super heated between us, I asked to have the managers name, email and phone number but was dismissed and told that he was the higher up and was the only one to help. This was red flag number 1, and I should have questioned it more but I didn’t. (My mistake) so I had some small requests and he told me he would get back to me after the long Labor Day weekend, well I couldn’t wait any longer and emailed him, I had the not so pleasant surprise of being spoken down to via email and made to feel like my problems are not his problems and he didn’t need to help. That is when my attitude changed completely and the bitch came out to play. 

As i relayed to my partner what transpired, his blood began to boil. We made an appointment to get the truck looked at again and get “fixed” but that is not what Terry had in mind. Instead it was just bogus B.S. ms ending my partner driving around to different shops and being told to do this and that and the other. 

Finally he went to a good alignment shop who helped him out, made his way over to the dealership to have some choice words with Terry and manager.

Key note… The tires on the truck were de-treading as he was driving around making it a very unsafe vehicle. Also, this truck has only been in our possession for 3 weeks or so. 

Long story short, attitudes changed and sometimes being that HUGE asshole who won’t settle for anything less gets the job done. 

I would like to point out that 

1. Items were stolen from our vehicle during the first stay at the mechanic shop where nothing was fixed.

2. I called shop to report missing items and was promised surveillance video would be looked at and they would talk to the mechanics.

3. There was no surveillance, they didn’t even notify the owner of the situation and lied to me.

4. Terry covered for them, blamed me for accusing and losing items. Said the shop would replace missing items, shop didn’t even know he said this.

5. When my partner went to shop, one of the mechanics was supposed to drive him to a different shop but then asked if he would like to make a detour and “Have a liquid lunch”

  A. My partner does not drink, he can enjoy a beer, but he doesn’t do it often. 

  B. This mechanic was already inebriated and WAS ON THE JOB! You can’t drink!! 

  C. They were in an area with no bars and only strip clubs. (Enough said) 

— needless to say my partner called him out, told him he does not drink and would not be getting in the car with him.

So, to end the story, the aggressiveness and lack of giving up of my partner got him 4 brand new $550/each tires and the replacement of our items.