I don’t normally judge parents except when I see something that is really going wrong. I may not have seen how your child was acting before, lady in the car at the gas station, and maybe he deserved a little talking to and an explanation that his behavior needed to change, but he did NOT deserve a bottle of water/Gatorade/whatever it was to be thrown in his face and to be yelled at and threatened! I was right next to you, I saw the child cry, I did not see the water being thrown at his face, but my fiance did. And he yelled out the window, “hey! that is not how you treat your child!” You proceeded to yell back we don’t know what was going on, that was your excuse, because apparently if a child does something bad enough, it deserves something to be thrown at them (hitting them in the face, quite hard, in fact!) and to be threatened that if he does not stop he will be f*cking punched in the face. Oooooh no! That does not fly, and I will get on my phone and call the police on you! And that is just what we did. My fiance exited the car and told her that is no way to treat her kid, she had no excuse only to say “mind your own f*cking business.” Not cool, lady. And the fact that you say “Oh I have five kids.” I’m sorry, that has to do with what? That you have treated and raised all your kids like that? Unacceptable.

As I am in the car, and have finished filling up my tank, my son is in the back of the car just hanging out, oblivious (thank goodness) to everything going on. The mother of the crying child next to us is screaming at us to mind our business, people in the gas station come outside to assess the situation and then go on to tell us to just leave and let it go. Well, no, I am sorry, we will not just go and let this continue to happen. She must be investigated, sure today it was just a water bottle and maybe an empty threat, but what happens when the child does something else and an ambulance needs to be called because the child has been knocked unconscious? Thank goodness my fiance is the kind of man that will stand up for what he believes in and will make sure that no child will be treated how he was once treated. (Yes, his family was not the Brady bunch, but he has learned what he wants for his family and will never treat us the way he was raised or treated.) My fiance is on the phone with the police describing what is going on, people are surrounding our car, telling us to mind our business and leave. I am getting nervous that something worse will happen, I almost am tempted to leave, I was so scared, I didn’t want to put my son in danger. I had the doors locked, the car on and the A/C pumping.. waiting and praying the police would come soon.

Finally, after a grueling wait, the police showed up and talked to both the people who had threatened their son and my fiance. We were told to leave and hopefully the lady was investigated and arrested, I highly doubt it.. which is sad. I hope we never have to run in to those people again. They had taken pictures of my car and my license plate, so now when I am out I am afraid that something could happen. Luckily, nothing has… yet. But I am on guard and I know what we did was the right thing.

If you, or anyone you know sees something like that, something that you know deep down is not right, do not hesitate to call the police. That child did not deserve what he got, and does not understand right from wrong. He is learning that violence and threats are the way to handle things, if he is not seriously hurt by his family, he will grow up to believe this is the way to handle conflicts and decide to do this to others.

The sad part was the child was crying for so long, sitting in a hot car (yes windows were down) but it was upwards of 90 degrees (Fahrenheit), he stopped crying when the mother bought him a Popsicle. The child does not know any better, and I pray he and his siblings are okay.

So please, do not be afraid to report these kinds of incidents! Yes, it was scary, but hopefully that family learned something and will no longer treat their kids like that.