Last week, I went up to Los Angeles to the office to do some training. Luckily the night before I got the nugget to sleep at 7:48 pm, I don’t know how exactly, but something was working in my favor. I went to sleep a little before 9pm, completely exhausted and we only woke up a few times in the night to feed. Last feeding was at 4am.. There’s a reason to telling you this! I woke up at 5:19 am, weird I know, I set my alarms for weird times like that, always have. Anyways, I woke up early to take a quick shower and get ready… Like clockwork the nugget woke up at 6 am and I changed his diaper and explained to him we needed to go and drive to the train station where I was going to be taking the train to work and grandma would be taking him home to play and go to the park. We missed our morning feed, he doesn’t like to eat right when he wakes up, it’s so cute because sometimes it takes him a little bit to really wake up, and he does he stretches and yawns and giggles and coos, oh I could keep going on and on.

But, this morning, we were rushed. So my boobs are engorged (just lovely) I’m sitting on the train and praying I don’t leak through my shirt!! Gee how embarrassing, first time in to the office and I will have stains on my shirt. How nice. Anyways, this is the first time I will be away from him for more than like 7 hours. Which is insane to think about, I think 7 hours is actually stretching it! 6 months and I have been attached at the hip with this kid. (And then there is the 10 months when he was in my tummy haha) I still wonder why he isn’t sick of me yet. I absolutely love and adore him. His smile lights up and makes everything okay.

So this is just the train ride to work.. Still have an hour left, here’s to hopin I don’t leak through my shirt, there aren’t tears from missing my nugget too much and I get some warm coffee and food in my stomach.


Train ride home:

The train was nearly an hour late picking me up; there is no A/C, no wifi and it’s hot and stuffy. Definitely no fun. I end up getting in to the station around 9:50 pm, drive over to grandma and grandpas and pick up my little nugget who is sleeping safe and soundly. Headed home to collapse on my big fluffy bed to endure an early morning wake up call and his six month check up.