on Sunday we decided to beat the heat and leave early in the morning for the coast. (About 30 minutes away).. We packed up the mommy mobile with the easy pop up tent that has UV protection, the bamboo mat that folds up into a little carrier for easy transportation, water bottles, snacks, sunscreen, hats, bathing suits, tons of toys… Let’s face it, practically the whole house. 

We unloaded the car, carried the nugget down to the beach and set up everything. Only took like 5 minutes, we are getting to be real pros at this!

On to the good stuff!! The day was so hot we just HAD to go in the water! So I put “little swimmers” on the bub, slathered him with sunscreen, put on his UV protection rash guard and went down to the water. First, dad and I put his feet in, he was smiling and laughing. Then we picked him up and waded into the water. He got a little nervous but relaxed when he saw me laughing and smiling at him. Then after much consideration and begging from dad, I let him dunk him in the ocean. So the bubs went under his first wave! And I wish I could say he loved it, but he freaked out.

 He loved playing in the water but not being dunked under a wave. Who could blame him? We didn’t go under with him, he was probably just upset he got tricked in to going under alone. šŸ˜‰ 

So after calming him down, we dried off and went on a nice walk. He fell asleep, we packed up, made it home and then played a little more. The bubs slept from about 4:45pm till the next morning… With exceptions to some feedings, but he mostly just eats real quick and then falls back asleep. 

What a fun day! Here are some pictures!  

  Dad and the bubs ^^ with our pop ip UV protection tent   
The buns with his UV protection rash guard and sun hat! Don’t mind the blue line… He was changed shortly after this photo! 


A photo bombed selfie.