Down in sunny San Diego, summer time is kicking in not so full swing… In fact it is seemingly more like the tropics or the east coast than the desert. 

For crying out loud! It’s humid as all hell, raining – and this is real raining, where we are getting flooded in places like you east coasters get often. (Or so it seemed like it on the news last winter)

Anyway.. This is a new battle for me to deal with, and what’s even worse, it isn’t just me I have to worry about, now I have a little nugget who can’t control his inner temperature and is suffering through this heat as well. Sooo… What do you do?! Well, with the thunder and lightning looming over head, we shouldn’t go swimming… So we are stuck inside… Stuck is a selective word… We made the best of staying inside. First.. We got all our fans and put them out in the family room. (We didn’t want to run the air conditioning all day) then! I pumped a little breast milk, improvised an ice tray with a bottle cap and poured some milk in it, set a binky in the cap and put it gently in the freezer. (I say gently because as I’m writing it, I would have said throw it in the freezer, but then for those people who are very literal readers they would think “wouldn’t the milk get everywhere?” [i know I would think that!]) 

Anyways… So we let the milk freeze in the freezer with a binky in it and made a breast milk Popsicle! AND OH MY GOSH! THE LITTLE MAN LOVED IT! First, he is teething.. And biting on everything he can get his hands on… So something cold and yummy is perfect for hot weather and a teether. He doesn’t really like teething rings just yet.. So I turned to Pinterest. And, this craft was so easy and straight forward it turned out wonderfully! 

We got to strap him into his high chair for the first time! Here are some pics! After the Popsicle he went in his jumpy (which he finally fits in to, his feet didn’t touch the ground before) and he was bouncing around in his jumpy for hours!!  

(Don’t mind the hair… Hah!)