Am I that mom that is too over protective? That doesn’t allow her son to cry? That is too worried? 

Maybe.. But I like to think that I am just doing preventative work. Hear me out.. 

I run to my son who is sleeping and starts fussing… I don’t immediately pick him up, I assess the situation and usually he is upset because his binky (pacifier/dummy) fell out. So I give it back.. He goes to sleep. Some parents don’t think you should use binky’s but I am just trying to survive this whole parenting thing. My kid… Loves to chew and suck… He isn’t always hungry, he wasn’t even teething when he first started to chew and suck on our hands… He just likes doing it. And if he doesn’t do it he freaks out. So instead of fighting a losing battle I gave in… I chose sleep over the battle. So sue me!? I love my son.. And I don’t think I’m spoiling him when he is only FIVE MONTHS OLD! I think of this as love.. He is not going to remember any of this and I am not grooming him to think he will get whatever he wants.. Because trust me, I can’t give him everything and I am just not that type of person to spoil someone consciously, I believe in working for things and getting what you deserve, not just being handed free things all the time.

 People who know me are often amazed at how loving I am toward my son, because before him, I was a stone cold bitch. Ok.. Maybe that went a little far, but I’m a tough cookie and I will tell you how it is and not spare your feelings. If you want someone to bull sh*t you and tell you it will all be ok, do not come to me. I’m pretty blunt about things, and I don’t apologize easily. That being said… I am a loving and caring mother to my son… But I will make sure he grows up respecting others and learning that you need to work for things. I will spoil him endlessly with wonderful memories, life tips, laughter and knowledge. I will give him the world… And he will never know just how much I do for him. That is ok, maybe when he becomes a father, he will see what parents go through. The tough endless days and nights just trying to make it through. 

Do not feel bad for wishing it were bed time sooner, I do it too! But instead, we need to switch our thinking to “this is one more day conquered and a day I was able to spend with my child.” 

These days don’t last long… For right now you are your child’s whole world… But then they grow up and you will barely be a part of their world… I guess it all depends on how you raise them. And hopefully we raise them right, and they will keep us in their life.