still in search for the diaper that fits my boy… Hugs him in all the right places and doesn’t allow poop to come shooting out the sides or up the back. Where oh where are you perfect diaper? Is it just a myth? Am I doomed to forever have poop on me and my child from explosions? It’s not like I leave him in a diaper so it’s ridiculously full! If that were the case I would have been like “hmm ok so definitely think it’s not the size/fit that is the problem… It’s me not changing my kids diapers enough!” But alas it is not that easy of a fix. 

So this was written over a month ago… And I think I have found the diaper.. And surprisingly it isn’t the high end brands of Honest Co., Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, Target brand.. Or any of those… It’s the Walmart brand “Parent’s Choice.” Who would have thought?! They can survive an 11 hour sleep period (at night) and they don’t leak! There are the occasional slips of poop out the back, but not often. I am pretty happy with this brand and their fit on my nugget. So, lesson learned… Try all of them, don’t just push them aside and not try them because they are a “lesser brand” or whatever. (I honestly didn’t want to try them, because I thought they weren’t good enough for “us”… Boy was I wrong! I love these diapers!)