I never would have thought I would be so excited to go to a one year olds birthday, but damn it, I am! An old friend, I haven’t seen in years, is having a birthday party for her son and there are going to be other mommas my age with their kids and I get to hang out with them! Yay! How silly, though, I get to socialize with friends I haven’t seen in probably 5 years who all have kids too. I have been dying to meet other mommas and have some people to connect with and talk about things that can be related to. 


Skip to after birthday party… It was so awkward and weird. Most of the parents already knew eachother and had their own clicks and their kids all knew eachother. (Those kids were a bit older, walking around) I was hoping to meet at least one momma I could befriend so we could hang out after party, but it didn’t happen. Oh well, still had fun hanging out! After being at party for a few hours we headed home, I was EXHAUSTED, so I fed the nugget and passed him off to dad and fell asleep on the couch. Lucky me, I got to sleep for TWO hours! 

Highlights of the weekend… 

1. We got a new and BIGGER bed… It’s so comfy, and kind of harder to get out of bed now because we just want to stay curled up lol

2. My nugget was so well behaved at the party! He just liked watching other people and babies, didn’t make much noise, except when he was drifting off to sleep and was grunting a little. 

3. Made some good money at work! Got some great tips! Sad, but I mean, I am just a host… But hosts do a lot of things and sadly, get yelled at the most from everyone: customers, servers, managers… It’s never ending… So when a customer orders food to go from you and then comes up after paying and 1. Remembers your name 2. Says thank you so much and have a great rest of the night AND 3. Hands you a 34% tip (off of the bill) that is just the absolute best! At my restaurant, hosts get tipped out by the servers, but we usually only get like $10 a night, not much money, so when a customer does that… It means A LOT! And makes you feel good and like you’re doing something right!