This week has been so hectic for me, my fiance, the father of my child is in the hospital. I have been sleeping at my parents house because I have been pretty much on call going back and forth to the hospital to be with him in anticipation for his biopsy on a growth in  his neck. Finally, early this morning, they did it. I am just beyond tired, it’s hard to even get good sleep when you are sleeping on a crappy futon mattress. I shouldn’t be complaining, I am lucky that my parents are allowing us to stay with them so I can leave our son and go to the hospital without him having to go to the hospital and get some weird sickness. But, I just cant.. I am running on very little sleep, my job is just kicking my butt and my son is so irritated, and I know its because we aren’t home and he hasn’t seen his dad. Sure, we FaceTime and he gets to see him and talk to him, but it’s not good enough. And I am feeling the effects of this. It all just sucks big time. I just want to sleep. I know that won’t happen for a while.

Must count my blessings, and remember that things are going to get better. In the mean time, just keep me well fed and try not to step on my feet. 🙂