Dear baby boy,

I know these nights won’t last forever. These nights you lay down next to me, sleeping soundly, occasionally making little noises. I know I won’t have these nights for ever, so I lie awake at night just happy to be in your presence, just happy to know that I have you in my life. This nostalgic feeling doesn’t always come at night, but more often than not, it does. Sometimes it hits me when we are just playing around the floor. I know you will be learning to sit by yourself soon and then crawling and walking and running everywhere. So for now, I am taking all your wonder and amazement in stride. Trying my best to remember every detail. 

Tonight we are at the grandparents house, sleeping in a bed downstairs while dad is at the hospital… There is a cyst growing near his thyroid glands and jugular and he is having surgery tomorrow. Unfortunately you can’t go to the hospital so you will be staying with grandma until I come back. 

Dad misses you so much, and he wishes he could spend more time with you. The time he doesn’t spend with you is due to his work schedule. He leaves early in the morning when we are still sleeping and when we get home sometimes it’s late and you are already passed out. He wishes he could spend more time playing with you and hearing you laugh and make funny noises. 

I’m just thankful that I do get this time with you. If I were in a different position I don’t know how I would handle it. To the moms who work full time, I commend you. To the stay at home moms, I envy you. To the work from home moms, I feel for you… It’s hard work! I know! 

Every parent has a struggle they must deal with, either too much work or too little, not enough money or not enough time to spend with family. The game we all play is life and it’s the only game that really matters. So remember the good and bad, beautiful and ugly, milestones and obstacles; for everything life has to throw at you is another memory for the books. Kiss your little ones and give them your love. Set down your phone, tablet, or computer and spend time just being with them. Enjoy what they have to offer and feel what real happiness is like with no distractions.