So, yesterday as I was hanging out at the beach, it was hot and gross, and there was no way I was going to bring out the nursing cover.. For one, we had a pop up tent that basically shielded us, two, it was HOTTER THAN HELL and three, I dressed in a nursing top so I didn’t need to really go flashing people. (Sarcastic remark, as no nursing mother goes around flashing their boobs as they are feeding their child)

As I’m sitting there feeding, I’m thinking to myself, “damn, there really should be some sort of nursing friendly bathing suits…. If those don’t exist already, I’m gonna make baaaannnkkkk ($$$$) on this idea.”

Of course, there are some, but not a whole lot out there. I found a site that has some nursing bathing suits for different body types.

Even though I was under a nice shaded tent, and our friend was just trying to be nice, I was offered to go up to the apartment to nurse my son or change him. That is nice, he has no idea that I can do all these things in public with barely anyone knowing. Hell I had already nursed my son before he said that! And one little boy, who was playing in front of the tent saw me and said absolutely nothing. I talked to him and he had no “disgusting” remark for me feeding my baby. He doesn’t mind, so how can anyone else? The point being is, I don’t want to have to pack up our things or ask someone else to watch our belongings so I can carry my son up the beach, through the high tide, up the stairs to the street and then cross the street to go up more stairs just to feed my son or change his diaper. You know what’s easier and just all around nicer? Feeding him at the beach and changing him on the beach. There’s sand all over us already, but we do have a mat down on the sand, doesn’t stop the sand from getting all over us.

Can’t wait for the nugget to be able to enjoy the beach and sun more! By the way, parents: do you know of any good sunscreen for little ones? I have some but I want to test others out on the market too! Comment below!