Honestly, if I didn’t have my little nugget, a lot of things would be different. I wouldn’t push myself as hard as I do. I would have given up on a lot of things, ran away and hid away from the world. Sure, I shed more tears out of frustration about my situation and trying to further myself in my job, but then I look at him.. I pick him up and his smile immediately makes me feel better. I am so thankful that I have this opportunity to work from home and be able to be with my son all day. I still wish I could just be paid to hang out with him and make sure he isn’t a menace to society later on in age. I don’t understand how stay at home parents are looking down upon. They have to deal with so much! They have to constantly be at their child’s beck and call, make sure activities are planned, food is served in a timely manner, naps are had, diapers are changed and most of all that they keep their own sanity! So.. to those other parents that work from home as well as take care of their child. I commend you. I am trying to do it, and damn! It sure is hard work. But as hard as it is, I love the fact that I can look over and see my son playing and laughing or just sleeping. He is what keeps me going, every single morning, even when I just want to throw the covers over my head and pretend the world does not exist, his smile helps me out of bed. He makes sure I don’t make bad choices, and that I think of him and my safety more so than I EVER did before.

No matter how down I get, he brings me up. How much more can I ask for? Even better, I can do the same for him. One hug from mommy and a kiss makes his world better. That is what life is about. That pure love.