I am a first time mother who has all kinds of irrational fears. Who once believed that I was the only person who knew how to take care of him properly, but now accepts all the help she can get and is not ashamed to admit “I need a damn break.”

I am a baby wearing mother. I love being with my son, and he seems to love hanging out with me or on me. We are together nearly every minute of the day, with exception to when I go to my restaurant job. I am lucky enough to work from my parents house and watch my son as well. I will be even luckier when my mom retires from her job and helps watch my son during the day.

I am a breast feeding mother. I think It is amazing that the human body can produce the nourishing nectar for a small human being to grow. That does not mean I don’t respect other parents who choose to formula feed or the parents who just didn’t have a choice.

I am a working mother. I work two jobs, one for actual money and to create a career, the other purely for sanity reasons. Since my career job is working from home, I don’t have to worry about daycare, so I am always with my son, an I mean always… So I need to be able to get out of the house. What is better than hanging out friends, being surrounded by good food, good beer, a great atmosphere and great friends? Getting paid to do that. So on Friday an Saturday nights, I get out of the house for 5-6 hours and I get to go to a job I really enjoy and get to be my own person. I’m not just “mom” I’m a hard worker who gets asked how I am doing, and not just how my son is doing. I get to make jokes and cuss and be ME, I don’t have to worry about talking in mommy voice and wearing my mom cape.

I am a sleep deprived mother. And I highly doubt me not any other parent will ever catch up on the sleep lost from taking care your young ones.

I am trying my hardest to give my son the best life. I put him first, I don’t take many breaks, I don’t pawn him off on others, I go through the long nights with him and the long clingy days. We laugh and play and cry and hug. I love him to the moon and back, and I would never trade him for the world. I tell him this every morning. He is my best friend, aside from my mom, he is my absolute world.

I am always here for you, Son. Momma loves you.