Why should I be ashamed of feeding my son? Why must I cover up to feed him? It is only natural. 

Today, we were waiting in the car as dad went to go get lunch and the nugget started getting hungry, so I scooped him up and put him to my boob. Why should I be ashamed? I was not harming any one, nor exploiting sexuality or making other people look at me. I was in my car feeding my son. What is the big deal? Why do moms who have bottles not get stared at for feeding their kids? Why are breast feeding moms under attack and being told they are showing public indecency? How am I doing something bad? I am making sure my child is nourished, and if I can do that by breastfeeding, then why the hell should I not?! 

Avert your eyes if you want, don’t mind me, I’m just feeding my son.