I believe you feel the greatest love when looking into your child’s eyes.

I believe there is no greater love than a parent with their children.

I believe it is not ok to let your child cry  (cry it out method).

I believe it is okay to breastfeed in public.

I believe it is perfectly acceptable to wear the same clothes you wore the night before, because you only got spit up on like once and there is no food or poop or pee on them.

I believe I have found my calling, and that calling is motherhood.

I believe I have a lot to give to my child and a lot to teach, and even more to learn.

I believe it is okay to ask for help, and relinquish power to your partner when you just need some quiet time to yourself.

I believe that going out alone is perfectly acceptable. I used to feel bad when I saw people out going to the movies alone, now I envy that person, because I know that most likely they left their kid with the partner and they are going out to get some quality “me time.”

I believe it is okay to not have the perfect summer body, because what I went through; that whole pregnancy thing and labor and what not, is effing beautiful and amazing and I am proud of what I could do.

I believe it is okay to be a proud parent, and to update your Facebook status saying so.

I believe it is okay to still go after your dreams and reach your goals after having a child.

I believe everyone has a right to live life how they see fit, although I would love to change some peoples habits, they can only change for themselves.

I believe I am a wonderful mother, and even though I spend time on the computer or in front of my phone, I am doing my damn best.

I believe I have the power to teach my son how to treat others, and that I will make sure he is respectful and will never ever ever raise a hand to someone else to show power or strength or to put fear into someone else.

I believe teaching our children how to lose properly and well is a good thing, they don’t need to win everything, they need to learn how to be a good loser, but to also have the drive to do better next time and to try to win. which leads me to… learning how to win the right way and how to act when you win. No one likes someone who  brags about winning.

I believe it is important to teach your children how to deal with technology, but to not make them dependent on it.

I believe a child should spend their time outside playing rather than inside on the computer, in front of the TV or the iPad.

I believe going on walks daily and introducing your child to nature is a great way to reinforce the idea of daily exercise being a good thing.

I believe children learn the most from you when you least expect it, they will watch how you handle situations and copy from what they see.

I believe children are our future.