working at a restaurant on Mother’s Day weekend sucks. I’m sorry, but please don’t be rude. I know you want your special day, hell I want my day to be special but it’s really hard when rude ass mothers come in and are just plain RUUUUUUDE. I get it, I look super young, and you assume I don’t have a kid. But I’m not that young, I’m 25, a couple months from 26 and I have a 3 month old baby. It is my first Mother’s Day, and honestly this weekend is kind of going to shit. I don’t like being told I’m a rude bitch for trying to explain to you that when you have a reservation at 5:30, it isn’t okay to come in over half an hour late and then accuse me of lying to you for shit. It’s not nice. I look forward to seeing you outside of the restaurant, you mean cold hearted lady. end of rant. Sorry. Most of the moms are nice, but this one lady really ticked me off.